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The Team
Robin Kelly: Hatchery Manager, Debbi Conzelmann: CEO, Patti Thompson: Director Sales & Marketing, Jackie Fisher: Breeder Division Manager

At King Cole, "family" is a tradition. There are 27 family or extended-family members that play key roles in many areas of our company: veterinary medicine, purchasing, maintenance, graphic design, transportation, hatchery, composting, barn management, sales, grounds keeping, HR and product development. Third generation family members drive the day to day operation: drawing on the rich heritage which embraces innovation and creativity in food and farming today, while constantly focused on evolving trends in both industries.

We are the only fully vertically integrated farm of its kind in North America. Such a diverse operation calls for the talents of so many others who are equally passionate about farming. We are proud to say when we look at our 'larger' family...our staff... we have 160 employees, many with decades of loyal service. Truly a remarkable feature about our farm and integral to our past, present and future success!

Chef Andrea Stewart

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Chef Andrea Stewart


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Proscuitto Wrapped Duck Spiedini with Pesto

Proscuitto Wrapped Duck Spiedini with Pesto

Serve these easy to prepare appetizers for entertaining or as part of a light meal with a salad.

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