Responsible Farming

For over three generations of our family owned and operated duck farm, we have been true to the natural farming process

Natural farming is a time-honoured tradition, and an integral part of our duck farm, because it provides the ultimate in quality control, food safety, and traceability in the duck products we produce.

We are the only vertically integrated duck farm of its kind in North America. This means we maintain complete control over every phase of the process, including:

  • R&D
  • Breeding, Hatching, and Growing to Final Production
  • Product Development and Further Processing

In addition to being the largest duck farm in Canada, and the only one that is 100% Canadian owned, we are also the first producer not just in Canada, but in all of North America, to achieve SQF Accreditation (Safe Quality Food) as part of the Global Food Safety Initiative. We’re proud of this achievement as it builds our customers’ confidence in the fact that food safety and quality are synonymous with King Cole duck products.

Natural, responsible, and sustainable duck farming for high quality products

Our ducks are raised on all-vegetable grain feeds and fresh well water, and they are free run in large spacious barns with plenty of fresh air and unlimited access to food and water. King Cole maintains a strict Bio Security program to ensure maximum safety to the health and welfare of the birds and ultimately, the end consumer.

Clean label ingredients are a key consideration in today’s world of food and a clear point of differentiation between King Cole and other duck product brands. No preservatives, hormones or growth stimulants have ever been used on our duck farm, and our birds are antibiotic, gluten and phosphate free.

Sustainability is an important part of any responsible business in today’s world, and King Cole has a proud tradition that dates back to the 1950s. Water and waste management, land reforestation, composting, carbon foot-print reduction and zero product waste are some of the ways King Cole is considered a pioneer in responsible, sustainable farming.

Culinary confidence in our duck products

While King Cole Ducks Limited will continue to evolve with advances in farming practices and technology, it is our steadfast commitment to the natural farming process that will ensure our duck products a place at the upper echelons of the culinary world.

When you buy the name King Cole, you buy the brand that consumers, chefs, buyers and operators trust with total confidence.

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