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We want to help you become completely comfortable with duck, one of history's most fabled foods. Duck's significance can be traced back to Ancient China, the Mayan Empire and of course, the extravagance of the French Court.

Today, duck's popularity has constantly been on the rise as more and more home chefs discover how easy and exciting it is to “wow” family and friends right in their own kitchen! What’s keeping you from trying duck? Let us answer your questions to get you started!

I've heard that duck has a lot of fat. Is that true?

Contrary to popular misconception, duck is not fatty or greasy. True, there is a layer of fat that exists under the skin, but this fat is dissolved (or rendered) in the cooking process. As the fat is turned to liquid it is drawn through the meat keeping it tender and moist and adding to duck's rich flavour.

Is duck a healthy choice?

The skinny on duck fat: Duck fat is healthier for the heart than butter or lard: 33% saturated fat vs. 62% in clarified butter (Yikes!). Duck fat is also higher in cholesterol-fighting mono-unsaturated fats: 49% vs. butter's 29% (Globe & Mail).

Duck fat is used by chefs throughout the world in place of butter, while in France and other European homes, it is used daily. Its rich flavour and higher smoke-point make it perfect for frying potatoes or onions, in omelettes and pastry, for frying steak or any meat, or enriching a stew.

What are some healthy choices when cooking with duck?

A breast of duck (no skin) has fewer calories than a chicken breast, prime rib or filet mignon. It is also higher in protein while lower in saturated fat. (USDA, 2007). Bon Appetit magazine recently declared duck in the Top 10 Surprising Health Foods, and Natural Health declares duck to be one of 10 Foods That Keep You Young. Let's raise a glass of red to this, cheers!

Is duck complicated to prepare?

Roast Duckling is perhaps one of the easiest meals to prepare with results that are guaranteed to please. One of the keys: make sure the bird sits on an elevated grill or rack in the cook pan, to ensure the fat has a place to collect in the bottom, away from the bird.

Do you have Halal products?

Yes, as a custom order. Halal ritual processing is conducted and all Halal products are certified by IFANCC. Shipments are accompanied by certificates of authenticity for local and export orders to markets like Jordan, Kuwait and Dubai.

What breed of ducks do you raise?

We features two strains of Pekin duck. Our traditional King Cole strain is specifically raised and specially processed for Asian style menus. In fact, we are the largest supplier of duck and duck products to the Toronto Asian community Our European strain meets the demands of the North American palette- less fat, more meat while still boasting the tender, flavourful experience of perfect Pekin duck. .

Do you make foie gras?

No we don't. "Force feeding" is against King Cole's natural farming philosophy and the Pekin duck is not used for foie gras production.

What is biosecurity?

Biosecurity planning helps to ensure that the routine practices carried out on our farm are beneficial to animal health and safety. All our farms are gate-secured where only authorized personnel are allowed access. Boot baths are located at every entrance/between barns and our staff wear disposable bio-med suits, hairnets and gloves to ensure the most sanitary environment possible.

Can you deliver to me directly?

Online sales are not yet available however, we welcome visitors to our farm fresh store or we will help direct you to distributors or retailers who have the duck products you are interested in.

I have seen the term free range used with chicken and beef production, are your ducks free range?

No. The CFIA banned free-range ducks several years ago to protect the birds from viruses and disease such as Avian Influenza. Our birds are raised free-run in large spacious barns with plenty of fresh air and unlimited fresh well water.

What are the ducks fed?

They are raised on a controlled diet of natural grains and fresh water. There are no hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics used in the production of King Cole ducks.

Are your ducks gluten-free?

Yes they are. They are also phosphate-free.

Where can I buy King Cole Duck products?

If you email buyduck@kingcoleducks.com , we will be happy to point you in the right direction, including our own retail store.

Is King Cole considered a farm-to-fork producer?

Absolutely. We are the only fully-integrated duck farm in North America, so we are 100% in charge and accountable for every single aspect of R&D, breeding, hatching, growing, processing and further processing.

All-natural can be a confusing term, is King Cole duckling all-natural?

Yes. We are an all-natural producer by virtue of feeding our birds natural grain and fresh well water, farming using a natural farming process and the fact we use no artificial additives when raising the birds.

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