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Discover King Cole Duck products for a healthy alternative and fresh meal ideas

Duck has a rich history in the food of many cultures and it is a tasty and increasingly popular addition to new recipes today. Similarly, the Murby family of King Cole Ducks has built a progressive and international line of duck products from a tradition of natural and vertically integrated farming.

Natural and responsible farming for natural and healthy duck products

King Cole is the only fully vertically integrated farm of its kind in North America: from research and development, breeding, hatching, growing, and processing to product development/cooking and shipping, every step in the process is truly ‘in-house’ and hands-on.

Our duck products are sold fresh and local to our community, and are featured in retail food stores, butcher shops, and delis across North America. We also serve restaurants, resorts, hotels, and cruise lines around the world. Each year King Cole produces approximately 2.5 million ducks to create our delicious lines of Ready-to-Cook and Fully Cooked duck products.

A three-generation family tradition of duck farming

When Jim and Marg Murby began King Cole Ducks with their son Bob in 1951, they began a family tradition of quality duck farming that would reach international markets. King Cole has grown from their first 100-acre tract of land that is still the heart of the main farm in Newmarket, Ontario to today’s 14 farms and 140 staff. King Cole Ducks spans three generations and 1200 acres of land throughout York Region.


Share our milestones in creating innovative duck products

  • 1951 - King Cole Ducks is founded and begins selling ducks from an open truck at Toronto’s world famous St. Lawrence Market.
  • 1952 - The Murby family built the first KCD processing plant to meet the demand for their duck products, and they located a boiler for the plant. The challenge: it was attached to the original Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls! Read our Maid of the Mist story of the boiler’s journey from the Niagara Gorge to the Newmarket plant. 
  • 1955  -The first King Cole frozen whole duck is sold in Dominion Stores (known today as Metro).
  • 1980 – King Cole purchases a feed mill both to produce the quality feed for its ducks as well as horse, cattle and chicken feeds for the local farming industry
  • 1982 – ultrasound was used to select parent stock with heavier meat yield to result in a superior duck product  
  • 1985 – implemented a new breeder program under the guidance of one of England’s top duck experts
  • 1990 – KCD installed a state-of-the-art ‘trickling’ water filtration system, furthering the vertical integration and environmental advantages of their duck farming traditions.
  • 1992 – We began our first export sales into California and Hawaii.
  • 1995 – installed the first automated evisceration equipment in North America
  • 1998 – Our product innovations continued with the launch of the first Smoked Duck Breast in North America through the Trader Joe’s chain of California.
  • 1999 – The cruise line industry discovered the quality of KCD’s products and began serving them as part of their on-board menu.
  • 2004 – began to implement the first bio-security program for a duck farm in North America
  • 2006 – the company is the first, and only Canadian producer to open a cook plant and new product development facility
  • 2011, 2012 – KCD was nominated as “Ontario Exporter of the Year”.
  • 2012 – KCD became the first (and to date the only) duck producer in North America to achieve SQF Accreditation, making us a leader in global food safety standards
  • 2013 - we now hope to have you as a new customer and fan of duck!


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