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Proscuitto Wrapped Duck Spiedini with Pesto

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Natural Farming & Food Safety

The Truth about Good Food.

Good farmers make good food. We are proud of the tradition of duck farming excellence our family has deployed for the past 65 years and four generations of our family.

We farm the old-fashioned way. From R&D, Breeding, Hatching, Growing, Processing, Cooking and Shipping, we do it all hands-on with family, and the extended family of life-long staff that share our good farming practices.

Good food is honest.

We offer food safety and traceability that is unparalleled in the industry today. We were the first producer in North America to invest in the Global Food Safety Initiative (SQF Certification) as proof of our conviction you should know what you are eating, where it comes from and how it was created.

Good food is clean.

Gluten and phosphate-free. No growth hormones or stimulants. No preservatives, coloring or additives. Birds raised in large spacious barns on natural grains and fresh well water, with zero trace of antibiotics. In other words, food you can trust!

Good farmers make good food taste great!

Good food should awaken the senses and challenge our imagination and creativity. People today are passionate about food and creating taste experiences that celebrate the best of life, family and friends. 
Our farm-to-fork story is equally about passion: Create great-tasting duck products of the highest quality, using the very best Canadian family-farming practices, trusted by consumers and featured on menus around the world…

Welcome to King Cole Ducks.

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